Thursday, July 31, 2014

Body Bar Trial Size

1oz Trial or Travel Sizes of the Eucalyptus Body Wash is available to try. $2.99 each. Formulation of this product is still being tweaked, would love your feedback.
Eucalyptus, Lemon, Sea Salt, Tea Tree and Lavender are all combined to create an aroma therapy treatment for the entire body. Eucalyptus acts as a natural anti-bacterial giving you the cleanest clean possible. Feels cool and soothing on the skin. An energizing product for sure. Great way to start the day :-)  Can be purchased in-store only at this time.

Doing a little market testing on body products.  I am thinking about bringing back the body line.  Some, as you know, have never been off the shelf, but when we repackaged we had to pick and choose the most popular items to repackage.  It was a tough decision as all of the products were good sellers.  We have always planned on bringing them back, now that the move is completed and the repackaging all done it might be time to put my energy into a re-introduction to these products. 

The process I am considering, in regard to packaging, is much more simple than before.  In order to save you money we are thinking of supplying these products, the body washes and scrubs, in bulk that can then be dispensed into bottles and labeled right then and there for your use at home.  All ingredients and descriptions of the products will be on the bulk packaging on the shelf, in large pump-type sealed containers.  The product will dispense from the sterile bulk packaging into individual bottles of your choice.  Kind of like how they do it at Olive Oil Stores, where they supply the oil in large vats that are used to fill the smaller bottles.  Your thoughts would be greatly appreciated.

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

What do facial toners and astringents do?

What are facial toners and astringents, and what do they do?  Are they necessary?  Confused?  Use them because you think you should, but don't really know why?  Here's the scoop on this confusing issue.

Toners & Astringents are the same thing with different names.  If you ask me, both are simply an extension of the cleansing process.  If you are seeing residue on your cotton ball after applying toner or astringent the message to you should not be: "Oh good, had I not used astringent or toner this would still be on my skin."  Instead the message should be this, "You didn't cleanse your face very well."  After a thorough cleansing of your face there should not be any make-up, oil, or residue of any sort left on your face.  So in my opinion you do not need a toner or an astringent you simply need to get better at washing your face.  

What about the toners and astringents "closing down the pores".  We've all heard this right?  News flash you can achieve this with a cool water rinse.  It's not the ingredients in the product that are closing down the pores it's the temperature of the product, usually room temperature. 

 At Beautiful Radiant Skin (BRS) we do not sell or use them, instead the second step in our daily regimen is a Skin Softener.  What's the difference?  A Skin Softener is going to open the pores of your skin so the following products can penetrate to do what they are intended to do.  Remember your skin is like a sponge, it will absorb product better if it's damp when product is applied.  Skin Softener will aid in this process. 

How to have glowing skin this summer

How to have glowing skin this summer 

The most important things you can do are
 (1) Exfoliate 
 (2) Moisturize  

Using a good manual exfoliation product, we recommend and use BRS Exfoliating Pore Reducer   at least twice a week during the summer months to keep that radiant glow.  

Exfoliating manually, in addition to your monthly facial treatments, will make sure all the dead skin cells are removed on a regular basis.  A good exfoliation increases circulation as well as aiding in a deeper delivery of the product that follows, as well as helping to control breakouts and minimize scaring left from previous blemishes.  Exfoliating is a must do.

The morning skin care routine I recommend for every age group, no matter how young or old, for beautiful glowing skin is the same.  The difference in skin care products used for different age groups happens at night.  Daytime is the same for everybody.  Shocked?  I know, right?  We all want to start of our morning routine glowing and protected.  We leave the treatments for different age related issues to our night time products when your skin has all night to soak in and benefit most from all that they do.

               Follow this morning routine and see how radiant and glowing your skin looks

               1.  Cleanse 
               2.  Manual Exfoliation at least twice a week during the summer months
               3.  Use a Skin Softener to open pores for acceptance of next product
               4.  Vitamin-C Elixir to help fight free radicals and ward off dark spots
               5.  SPF-30 combined with moisture for all day protection

It's fast and easy and your skin will look great right away!  Curious about the different routines for different age groups or skin issues?  Click Here

Friday, July 11, 2014

Best anti-aging night cream 2014

One of three of the absolute best anti-aging night creams you can find.   
Cell Renewal Night Moisture.  Guaranteed to hydrate your skin over night.  You will see a difference in the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles right away; with continued use you will notice much more hydrated, smooth and supple skin.  Get your glow back.  Visit us at to learn more.

Also available are the Bio-E Intense Night Moisture as well as the Nourishing Night Moisture.

Newest and best anti-aging skin care treatments, products and advice

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Tuesday, July 8, 2014

How to use skin lightening creams correctly

As evident in the card shown above, it is very important that you use your skin lightening creams correctly  The directions here are for any skin lightening cream or product, but obviously we like our best!  I have used many lightening products over the years and none of them did what I wanted them to do, which is what lead to the development of an all natural yet VERY effective product by Beautiful Radiant Skin.  Luminous White works!  For more information on this products or to read about ingredients etc. please visit our website at or You can also find us on Facebook.

Do eyelash extensions make your lashes fall out?

Eye lash extensions:  Fad Gone Bad

First to know is that there are three types of false lashes, or extensions; synthetic, silk and mink.  In my opinion they are equally BAD for your own eyelashes!!  They are set in place using semi-permanent glue.  Off on a side note for second......what the heck does 'semi' permanent even mean?  Something is either permanent or it is not.  That term has always bugged me.  Okay, back to the topic at hand.  There are also different types of glue based on the sensitivity of the eyes.  The fact that there are different types of glue based on eye sensitivity is your first red flag that something has gone wrong along the way.  Right?  At some point someone had a bad reaction to the glue which lead to the different types that now exist.  This didn't happen just once, if it did there would only be 2 types of glue, but there are many types of glue.  What does this tell you and how sure are you the person applying your falsies will know which to use? 

The following information is not just my opinions, they are facts gathered from both medical journals and from my personal exposure to countless clients who have had falsies applied (not at our treatment center, we don't offer this service!!!) and have had some awful reactions to the glue and or lost their lashes, in some cases almost completely!

In 2014 the AAO (American Academy of Ophthalmology) found and officially warned the dangers of lash extensions and their glue.  Countless infections and swelling of the cornea and eye have been recorded.  In many cases medical intervention was necessary.   The Consumer Report in 2014 also reports countless cases of bacterial and fungal infections have occurred.  In addition, as though that is not enough, they will cause your natural lashes to thin and fall out.  There is no way around the last statement, this WILL happen.  You cannot have eyelash glue on your lashes without this happening.  Your own lashes can not breathe, they cannot get the oxygen necessary for growth, in essence it clogs the root making them sparse over time.  This is what keeps people going back for more lashes.  Are you willing to commit to falsies FOREVER?

In addition to the risks of the above situations happening to you also consider the ridiculous care they take once applied.  You cannot expose them to heat, steam, emollient products (like eye creams, eye pads, and make-up remover) swimming is discouraged, Jacuzzis, steam rooms too, they shouldn't be rubbed......I don't know about you but I rub my eyes when tired.  Mascara is discouraged, waterproof is out of the question etc. 

In addition to all of this they are expensive and need to be reapplied often because they fall out.  The most disturbing bit of information I have read during my research is that the allergies to the glue are not  usually discovered the first or second time lashes are applied, rather the allergic reaction happens over time due to continuous use.  So when will it happen to you?  Or will it happen to you?  Are you willing to find out?  I'm sure not.  It's a gimmick that is already dying out due to the immense problems these lashes cause.  Knowledge is power, be smart.

Monday, July 7, 2014

Juicing for Beautifuul Radiant Skin

Juicing for beautiful skin and overall good health.  I do a juice fast about every 4 months.  I know there is a lot of controversy about this issue, rather it works or not.  It works for me, that's all I know.  Juicing takes a lot of time but it is worth it.  Today is day 8 of my fast, I have had nothing but juice for 8 days and I feel great.  Day 3 and 4 are the hardest days for me.  I have more energy, am more focused, less foggy brain going on, my hair and skin look better and the added bonus is I'm lighter on my toes making cycling easier and more fun.  These are just 4 of my favorite juice blends.  As you can see, I don't juice carrots, I buy that one, it's 100% carrots, nothing added.  The rest.... I juice.  If you want complete recipes visit the website at and look for juicing in the table of contents.

Yellow - Is Turmeric, Ginger, Mango, Lemon, Orange and Coconut Water
Beige - Almond Milk made with almonds that were soaked overnight, Coconut Water, Pears
Red - Strawberries, Blueberries, Red Apples, Ginger, Water Melon, Coconut Water 
Green - Celery, Collard Greens, Kale, Cucumber, Dandelion Leaf, Ginger, Green Apple, Romaine, Spinach, Lemon, Turmeric, Kiwi, Parsley

Here's to good health and tasty juicing.  Enjoy!