Tuesday, December 30, 2014

BRS facial spa skin care annual skin care treatment recommendations

Start your New Year off with a great face. Our recommendations: Make sure you are using your BRS Products at home. This is by far the most important part of your skin care routine. Without good at home care you might as well forget the treatments too. I hate to say it, but it's true. Getting a facial once a month and then going home to poor skin care products is like working out at the gym then going home to burgers and fries, doesn't make sense. Here's what we recommend. Schedule your Modality Facials once a month. Every 3-4 months schedule a Peel or a Collagen Attraction & Activation Treatment (c.a.a.t.). I like to start off my year with a Peel or the C.A.A.T. because it's easier to remember.

Remember if you receive Botox and/or fillers you still need to pay attention to the texture and quality of your skin. It's important to protect your skins' elasticity and protein bonds. If you ONLY get your Botox and fillers and ignore the 'quality' of your skin you will need your Botox and fillers much more often, so protect your investment by keeping your skin in it's absolute BEST condition, then use the Botox and fillers as the cherry on top Think of Botox & Fillers like spanx for your face. The better shape you are in the less you will need the spanx.

Here's what my year in skin care looks like:
Jan...... Peel or C.A.A.T.
Feb...... Modality Facial
March.. Modality Facial
April..... Peel or C.A.A.T.
May..... Modality Facial
June.... Modality Facial
July..... Peel or C.A.A.T.
Aug..... Modality Facial
Sept.....Modality Facial
Nov...... Peel or C.A.A.T.
Dec...... Modality Facial

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Skin care treatment questions answered

The Differences Between The Peel and
The Collagen Attraction & Activation Therapy

Deciding which is best for you depends on which areas need the most attention.  Both of these treatments overlap in the benefits they provide.  That being said, each of these have a primary benefit different from the other, it’s the secondary benefits that overlap. What does that mean? 

Let’s start with the benefits of the Peel & down time

The main objective for the peel is to exfoliate the skin, to rid the skin of any dead cell build up exposing the fresh new skin beneath.  In doing so the peel also has other secondary benefits, which are helping the skin to build new collagen which helps fill in fine lines and wrinkles, it also lightens the skin making dark pigmentation less noticeable.  In a nutshell, it’s main purpose is to resurface the skin leaving the skin softer, smoother, brighter and more radiant with improvement to fine lines and wrinkles.

Healing from the peel:

Down time - 7 days with 4 full days of noticeable and active peeling.
How long without make-up - 7 full days, no make-up.  After day 7 you will return to your normal routine of caring for your skin.

Collagen Attraction & Activation Therapy (C.A.A.T. ) & down time

While the main purpose of the peel is to resurface, the main purpose of the C.A.A.T. is to build massive amounts of new collagen resulting in fullness and lift.  It’s secondary benefits are that it also resurfaces the skin and lightens dark pigmentation.  This treatment results in tighter lifted skin that is softer, smoother, brighter and more radiant.  In a nutshell it’s main purpose is to lift and fill in areas that have dropped or become hallow due to the loss of collagen.

Healing from the C.A.A.T:

Down time - 36 hours with nothing on your face, not even water.
How long without make-up - 36 hours,  no make-up.  After that you return to your normal routine.  With this treatment your skin will release, as it does in the peel, only without the actual peeling affect.  Instead of noticeable peeling it sheds.  This is why we bring you back for 2 Diamond Microdermabrasion during the course of your treatment.

So which is best for you?  It depends on your needs.  Generally a good rule of thumb is this:  The C.A.A.T. is best for anti-aging purposes because of it’s ability to lift the skin and in ADDITION is also provides a thorough resurfacing. 

The Peel is a better choice if you problem is blemishes or scaring left behind from scaring, or simply wanting the remove a layer of skin to lighten and brighter your complexion. 

Thursday, December 4, 2014

BRS facial spa December Newsletter & Specials

Our December newsletter was sent out last week, 
if you haven't received it you can read it here.  
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