Saturday, March 11, 2017

Derma Rollers are bad!!!

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NEVER use one of these. They are impossible to sterilize. This is one of the original ways of doing Collagen Induction, now considered a dinosaur in the industry. You can still buy these but I HIGHLY recommend you do NOT! The industry uses machines, not rollers, that use disposable needles that can be controlled by depth & intensity to fit and accommodate different skin thickness & anatomy. A new needle tip is used each time and then disposed of afterwards. Infection is the #1 reason the rollers are dinosaurs in the use of Collagen Induction. These companies will tell you that you can sterilize the rollers, but you can't, it's literally impossible to sterilize. If any skin cells or blood (skin cells are microscopic small) remain in the roller (even if they are your own and you use the roller only on yourself) they can and will grow bacteria. Some of the worst infections seen from Collagen Induction are from the use of these rollers. Please be informed and do not believe everything you hear or read. Ask a professional.