Friday, February 27, 2015

How to treat & prevent adult breakouts

Are you experiencing adult breakouts?  There is a difference between teen and adult breakouts.  Teen breakouts are almost always the result of the over production of sebum (oil) caused by hormonal fluctuations and surges.   Hormone fluctuations are usually about 75% of the cause of teen acne.  Also teens are more likely to be lazy with their skin care routines, making up the remaining 25%.  In the majority of cases if teens follow a strict skin care routine they will see a significant improvement in their acne.  This is not always the case with adults.

Adult breakouts can be caused by several different things making it harder to treat. Hormonal upheavals do not go away as we age, this is why women notice breakouts during their menstrual cycles and again in menopause.  Men have hormonal fluctuations too, and may notice breakouts in a cyclical pattern as do women. 

Adult breakouts can also be caused by food allergies, most common being wheat and dairy.  Believe it or not even the slightest sensitivity to these 2 foods can have a huge impact on breakouts.  I recommend that adults who eat a lot of one or both of these foods try eliminating them to see if it helps.  Many times this alone can make a huge difference.  Other contributing factors are stress, medications, diet, skin care hygiene habits, dehydration rather internal and/or external, the overuse of drying agents (over the counter spot treatments), build-up on the surface of the skin from not exfoliating often enough....or ever.   

The best way to prevent adult breakouts is to control the things listed above like stress, etc.  In addition, take an active role in how you care for your skin. When combined these things will help. So what can you do? Start by making sure you are following a good at home skin care routine considering the following things: 

1.  First you MUST pH balance your skin. People mistakenly believe if they dry out their blemishes it is a good thing.  It's not, it's a bad thing. When you over dry you knock off the pH balance resulting in more oil being pumped to make up for the dryness that was caused....thus the never ending cycle of breaking out then clearing up only to break out again.  This is why pH balancing is so important.  Use products that do not disrupt the pH balance.   
Alpha Enzyme Cleanse and Botanic Soft Cleanse. 

2.  Use a potent anti-oxidant to help fight the free radicals caused by our everyday environment.  Vitamin-C Elixir  These free radicals cause havoc in your entire body and the skin will reflect the damage.

3.  Exfoliate on a regular basis, I recommend nightly use of a topical exfoliating elixir to help rid the dead skin cells from the surface of the skin, this prevents blockages that can lead to blemishes.  Glycolic-50 Elixir  Also exfoliating a few times a week with a manually helps keep skin completely free from build-up.  Exfoliating Pore Reducer

4.  Make sure you are using a moisturiser.  Many times people think moisture causes breakouts, this is wrong, and actually the opposite is true.  If you do not use a moisturiser to balance the pH of your skin you will over dry....and as a result, over produce oil to compensate creating the cycle mentioned above.  Multi-Peptide & Collagen Elixir for moisture without oil.

If all of this is overwhelming don't worry, a short visit with your Esthetician will simplify and help you.  At BRS facial  spa our product consultations are free, we will recommend the right products for you and show you how to use them.  Everybody's skin is different, there is no ONE CURE for breakouts and there is no ONE PRODUCT that will work for everybody. 
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