Tuesday, July 22, 2014

What do facial toners and astringents do?

What are facial toners and astringents, and what do they do?  Are they necessary?  Confused?  Use them because you think you should, but don't really know why?  Here's the scoop on this confusing issue.

Toners & Astringents are the same thing with different names.  If you ask me, both are simply an extension of the cleansing process.  If you are seeing residue on your cotton ball after applying toner or astringent the message to you should not be: "Oh good, had I not used astringent or toner this would still be on my skin."  Instead the message should be this, "You didn't cleanse your face very well."  After a thorough cleansing of your face there should not be any make-up, oil, or residue of any sort left on your face.  So in my opinion you do not need a toner or an astringent you simply need to get better at washing your face.  

What about the toners and astringents "closing down the pores".  We've all heard this right?  News flash you can achieve this with a cool water rinse.  It's not the ingredients in the product that are closing down the pores it's the temperature of the product, usually room temperature. 

 At Beautiful Radiant Skin (BRS) we do not sell or use them, instead the second step in our daily regimen is a Skin Softener.  What's the difference?  A Skin Softener is going to open the pores of your skin so the following products can penetrate to do what they are intended to do.  Remember your skin is like a sponge, it will absorb product better if it's damp when product is applied.  Skin Softener will aid in this process. 

How to have glowing skin this summer

How to have glowing skin this summer 

The most important things you can do are
 (1) Exfoliate 
 (2) Moisturize  

Using a good manual exfoliation product, we recommend and use BRS Exfoliating Pore Reducer   at least twice a week during the summer months to keep that radiant glow.  

Exfoliating manually, in addition to your monthly facial treatments, will make sure all the dead skin cells are removed on a regular basis.  A good exfoliation increases circulation as well as aiding in a deeper delivery of the product that follows, as well as helping to control breakouts and minimize scaring left from previous blemishes.  Exfoliating is a must do.

The morning skin care routine I recommend for every age group, no matter how young or old, for beautiful glowing skin is the same.  The difference in skin care products used for different age groups happens at night.  Daytime is the same for everybody.  Shocked?  I know, right?  We all want to start of our morning routine glowing and protected.  We leave the treatments for different age related issues to our night time products when your skin has all night to soak in and benefit most from all that they do.

               Follow this morning routine and see how radiant and glowing your skin looks

               1.  Cleanse 
               2.  Manual Exfoliation at least twice a week during the summer months
               3.  Use a Skin Softener to open pores for acceptance of next product
               4.  Vitamin-C Elixir to help fight free radicals and ward off dark spots
               5.  SPF-30 combined with moisture for all day protection

It's fast and easy and your skin will look great right away!  Curious about the different routines for different age groups or skin issues?  Click Here