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Diets, Diets & More Diets

Lectin Free, Paleo, Ketogenic Diets.
What is healthiest?

Personally, I follow the Ketogenic way of eating.  I consume low carbohydrates, healthy fats and some protein. Another popular diet is the Paleo diet which believes we should eat as our ancestors did.  I have a problem with that, because our ancestors did not live as long as we live now. They were not healthier people and let’s not forget that people evolve.  Our needs evolve. For example, many of the organs in our body necessary to our ancestors, are no longer necessary in modern times. We still have them, but they don’t do anything, we can remove them without harm. This is how we have evolved to adapt to our new environment.   So why would we want to eat as our ancestors did if we have evolved to be different now than we were then?

The newest diet craze is the Lectin Free Diet.  The thought is that lectins can lead to imbalances and inflammation that can lead to cancer and other health issues.  All of the articles I could find all preach the same thing, which is….

“Too many Lectins may have adverse effects on health.”  

Too many being the key.  Isn’t too much of anything a problem?  I think moderation is the thing to strive for, no matter what diet you follow.

The articles I have read state that Lectins attach to the carbohydrates and this is where the imbalance occurs.  So if a person, like myself, eats a very low carbohydrate diet then the Lectins should not matter because there’s very little carbohydrate to attach to.  According to the information I was able to find it is the binding of carbohydrates with lectins which form Glycoproteins. These Glycoproteins are thought to be the problem with diets high in lectins. But Glycoproteins are not all together bad, so I’m confused.

“Glycoproteins help to regulate the immune system, and keeps protein levels in the blood under control.  They are effective against several bacteria including the strain that causes Staph & E. Coli. Helps fight fungal and viral infections. Some posses anti-cancer properties.”  
Dr. Axe

The foods that contain Lectins are not bad foods, in my opinion.  To name a few..
Beans & Peas
Tomatoes & Some Nuts
Eggplant & Potatoes

According to Ayurveda, legumes are used to promote elimination and regularity, suppress appetite, and satisfy the stomach. It’s generally recommended to soak legumes prior to consumption to enhance their nutritional value and reduce anti-nutrient content.  
Dr. Axe

In traditional Chinese Medicine most beans are believed to have a neutral effect on the body’s balance. They’re also thought to decrease swelling and act as a natural diuretic to remove toxins and waste products from the body more efficiently. Other high-lectin foods, such as tomatoes, are considered cooling and are said to improve digestion and detoxification.  
Dr. Axe

Confused much?  The way I see it, we need to be mindful of how we nourish our body, but don’t be too excessive.  Again, moderation is the key to balance. Obviously some foods should be avoided all together, sugar for one.  But to eliminate the foods listed above seems a bit over the top, even for me, and I’m a strict Keto follower.

To wrap it up, if you are confused you are not alone.  Don’t obsess, use common sense and pay attention to how your body behaves.  In my case I needed WAY more healthy fats than I was consuming, and a lot less carbohydrates.  For me, this is my healthy body balance. For you? It could be very different. It took some trial and error to find which foods were beneficial for me and which were not.  Paying attention to how I was feeling was how I determined what works well for me and what does not.

Thursday, July 12, 2018

Avocados good for your skin

Vitamin-A is extremely vital for maintaining healthy skin.  One of my all time favorite foods has been found to offer 4 times usable Vitamin-A when combined with carrots and/or tomatoes.  I'm referring to avocados. It works by allowing the body to better absorb the Vitamin-A in other foods rich in Vitamin-A.

Avocado Information
Vitamin A       4%      Vitamin C      24%
Calcium         1%      Iron     4%
Vitamin D      0%      Vitamin B-6   20%
Vitamin B-12 0%      Magnesium   10%

The researchers investigated if avocados could positively help the body use and absorb vitamin A from carotene-rich foods when eaten together; like combing carrots or tomatoes with avocado.  The research compared a tomato sauce meal without avocado and found the addition of  avocado more than quadrupled the conversion of inactive Vitamin-A into active Vitamin-A.

Skin ages when it's deprived of essential nutrients.  Your skin needs proper hydration from food as well as protein and fatty acids, vitamins & minerals. If your skin is not absorbing these nutrients it will show in the condition of your skin.  Eat a diet rich in colorful vegetables & fruits, and mix them together, they work better when combined.

Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Glycation and Aging Skin (Sugar driven aging)

Notice the criss cross pattern?

Glycation & Aging Skin (Sugar driven aging)

Glycation happens when sugar molecules bind to proteins and lipids in the skin leaving it deformed or looking much older than its years.  Exposure to sun will accelerate the process, along with a diet high in sugar.  Glycation interferes with the healthy formation of collagen and elastin.  Whenever collagen and elastin are compromised the skin will age much faster. In addition Glycation will deplete the skin of its natural moisture.  Hyaluronic Acid is made by our bodies naturally but depletes as we age.  A diet high in sugar can speed the process of Hyaluronic Acid loss resulting in older looking skin.

One way to help this skin condition, in addition to changing your diet, mentioned later in this article, is to treat it with Vitamin-C Infusions regularly.  Vitamin-C is essential in the body's production of collagen and is a potent antioxidant. When taken orally it has little effect on skin that is already compromised.  Although it is important include foods high in Vitamin-C to your diet, it is needed topically to help Glycation of the skin. Vitamin-C, when applied directly to the skin will help fight collagen degeneration and oxidative stress from free radicals. 

Basically, Glycation accelerates the body's aging process by greatly limiting the skin's ability to produce and regenerate quality collagen.  Smoking and exposure to the sun along with a diet high in sugar come together as the perfect storm.

So what should you eat?  Eat fresh, less processed foods.  A diet high in all vegetables and low sugar fruits.  Berries are a great fruit, for example.  Berries are high in antioxidants and low in natural sugar.  Sugar is sugar, your body doesn't know the difference.  Eat like a diabetic.  Diabetics need to stay away from all foods that translate to sugar in the blood. Low carb is a good way to go.  For example, if you eat a bowl of pasta with a side of bread, it will translate to higher insulin levels once digested.  Same as if you ate a candy bar.  Stick to low glycemic foods, your skin will thank you, as will the rest of your body.

Fruits to avoid because they're high in sugar are:


Some foods to avoid:

Sweetened yogurt
All Bread Products
Fried Foods
Processed Foods

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

How smoking damages the skin

Taking a puff of a cigarette reduces circulation and decreases the oxygen level in your blood.  Whenever oxygen to the blood is compromised it will affect the condition and health of the skin.
Smoking decreases the production of red blood cells.  Reduced red blood cells is not dissimilar to a person with anemia.  The skin will look dull, drab and sallow. Smoking will change the texture of the skin, making it appear more rough. 
A decrease in oxygen and circulation causes premature aging and wrinkles.  This is especially  noticeable in the wrinkles around the mouth and cheeks. Smoking also causes poor wound healing.  If a smoker has any type of collagen building treatments done they will not be as effective for smokers because the controlled wound that is created, in order for the collagen to build, will not heal as well.  But it is better than doing nothing. 
Can skin bounce back if a person quits smoking?  You can definitely slow the rate at which the skin continues to age by quitting.  You can treat your skin to skin rejuvenation treatments that will "help" a smokers skin to look better than it would if not treated with rejuvenation treatments, but honestly, it will never look as good as someone who never smoked.  Smoking, sun exposure and drinking alcohol are the 3 most damaging things a person can do to the quality of their skin. The longer a person smokes the longer it takes for the skin to recover and the more profound the damage will appear. Once you quit smoking, it takes a few months for the red blood cell count to increase. After that, a difference in the quality and texture of skin will begin to appear.  Don’t expect those wrinkles and fine lines to ever go away naturally, you will need rejuvenation treatments and perhaps surgery to fix the damage done by years of smoking.

Saturday, March 11, 2017

Derma Rollers are bad!!!

🌿 🌼 ☯️ ☮ 💚
NEVER use one of these. They are impossible to sterilize. This is one of the original ways of doing Collagen Induction, now considered a dinosaur in the industry. You can still buy these but I HIGHLY recommend you do NOT! The industry uses machines, not rollers, that use disposable needles that can be controlled by depth & intensity to fit and accommodate different skin thickness & anatomy. A new needle tip is used each time and then disposed of afterwards. Infection is the #1 reason the rollers are dinosaurs in the use of Collagen Induction. These companies will tell you that you can sterilize the rollers, but you can't, it's literally impossible to sterilize. If any skin cells or blood (skin cells are microscopic small) remain in the roller (even if they are your own and you use the roller only on yourself) they can and will grow bacteria. Some of the worst infections seen from Collagen Induction are from the use of these rollers. Please be informed and do not believe everything you hear or read. Ask a professional.

Thursday, March 2, 2017

Comparing Collagen Induction Therapy to other collagen building treatments

Comparing Collagen Induction Therapy to other collagen building treatments

I have been receiving the same questions from clients about the Collagen Induction Treatments so I've decided to write a blog post to answer them for you.

What are the differences between Laser & Collagen Induction?

While both will build collagen, both will lighten hyper-pigmentation (dark spots) both will result in smaller pores, lifted skin and less fine lines and wrinkles there are differences.

Laser is a controlled burn to the top layers of the skin that eventually makes its way down to the deeper layers of the skin, while Collagen Induction starts at the deeper layers of the skin and works up to the surface.  The later results in almost no down time while the down time from laser can be significant.   Because laser is, in essence, a burn the chance to hyper-pigment is strong.  In most cases when dark spots have been lightened by laser treatments the dark spots will reappear within a matter of months and usually darker than they were before.  This requires continued visits back for more laser, then more dark spots then more laser.  Get my point?  Lasers are great but they do carry a pretty high risk of causing hyper-pigmentation.

Collagen Induction, on the other hand, will lighten hyper-pigmentation with no risk of it reoccurring due to the process itself.  Collagen Induction will improve scars left behind from blemishes by the massive building of collagen that occurs in the deepest layers of the skin which pushes the scar up toward the surface making them appear less obvious.  Lasers take longer to correct scars than Collagen Induction. Collagen Induction can be used on the sensitive eye area while laser cannot be used close to the eyes.

What is better a Peel or Collagen Induction?

It depends what is being treated.  Peels are better to help heal blemished skin types. Collagen Induction cannot be used over active blemishes because it can spread the bacteria causing bigger issues.  If you do not have problems with active blemishes and wish to treat the scars left behind from previous blemishes or you wish to receive an anti-aging treatment that will significantly brighten your skin, shrink large pores, fill in wrinkles and lift the skin then the Collagen Induction is the better option.  I reserve peels mostly for blemished skin types.

What is better, the Collagen Attraction & Activation Therapy (known at BRS as the C.a.a.t for short), or the Collagen Induction?

Again it depends on what is being treated.  The C.a.a.t. Therapy woks similar to laser in that it works from the top layers of the skin down to the deeper layers of the skin. There is significantly more down time with the C.a.a.t. Therapy.  C.a.a.t. is a great resurfacing treatment.  You will notice a lot of shedding of dead cells from the C.a.a.t.  If rough uneven skin texture is an issue I will recommend the C.a.a.t Therapy be done first followed later by the Collagen Induction.  Both treatments lift the skin, but the Collagen Induction can be used under the eyes and on the eyelids while the C.a.a.t. cannot be used close to the eyes.  The C.a.a.t. can be irritating to sensitive skin types while the Collagen Induction can be used on even the most sensitive skin types. 

Overall the Collagen Induction Therapy is my favorite treatment for anti-aging purposes and overall improvement for all the reasons mentioned above.  It will do all of the following with little to no down time. The treatment is fast to receive with little to no down time.

  • Lightens
  • Brightens
  • Shrinks Pores
  • Improves Scars
  • Lifts & Tightens
  • Reduces lines & wrinkles
  • Improves the skin around the eyes

Wednesday, February 1, 2017

The mind & body connection to the skin.

The mind & body connection to the skin

There is a new term, "psychodermatology" have you heard of it?  Probably not.  It is the term used to address the impact of a person's emotional state as it relates to the skin.  It is NOT a psycho dermatologist.   Just making sure that is clear.
The research indicates that the mind and the skin are connected on many different levels.  Many nerve endings are connected to the skin, which wrap around the organs, so as emotions are played out neurologically they can be expressed through skin (acne, rashes, etc.) just as stress can be expressed through symptoms like anxiety or hypertension.  For example, when a person is tense their cortisol levels will increase which affects the oil glands which can lead to an imbalance in the skins' pH leading to blemishes.

Dr. Bruce Katz, MD has a theory which he calls the "target organ theory." Certain people have different target organs that channel stress.  Some get ulcers, others migraines, while some people it is the skin that is their target organ, these people may get rashes or other skin disruptions when stressed or emotionally strained.
It is believed that during development in the womb the brain and the skin are derived from the same cells, so there is a connection.  The other immediate relationship is that when people experience stress in life, quite frequently, their skin becomes a reflection of that stress.
What to do about skin disruptions that are related to stress varies depending on the condition and the cause.   If the condition is short lived, such as a temporary short term job that you dislike there is not much to do because the flare up is episodic.   But if the stressors are more chronic, such as a difficult marriage or a person is unemployed and unable to find work the conditions are longer lived and need on going attention.
Talk to your skin care specialist.  Your visits are confidential.  Any and all information given can help tremendously when deciding which treatment options are best for you and your situation.Whatever information you can share will benefit you in the end.  Still not sure how I feel about the term "psychodermatology" still sounds like a crazy doctor to me.

13 foods that hydrate your skin

Cucumbers have a water content of 96.7%

Iceberg Lettuce has a water content of 95.3%

Celery has a water content of 95.4% 

Radishes have a water content of 95.3% 

Tomatoes have a water content of 94.5% 

Green Peppers have a water content of 93.9%

Cauliflower has a water content of 92.1% 

Watermelon has a water content of 91.5% surprisingly

Spinach has a water content of 91.4%

Strawberries have a water content of 91% 

Broccoli has a water content of 90.7% 

Grapefruit has a water content of 90.5%

Cantaloupe has a water content of 90.2% 

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Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Winter Skin Care Tips 2017

 Winter Skin Care Tips 2017

The ingredient to make sure is NOT missing in your daily skin care routine is Hyaluronic Acid.  Hyaluronic Acid holds more than 1000 times its weight in water.  It literally pulls in moisture from the environment as well as from other moisturizers used.  During the winter months it is much more common to experience dry skin.  Even if your skin is healthy and pH balanced, the cold weather coupled with the dry heat used inside homes and businesses simply takes a toll.  Not to mention that most of us do not drink as much water during the winter months.  Deep hydration is the life source of your complexion.  Here are some things to consider in your own skin care routines.  These are things that Beautiful Radiant Skin Products takes very seriously in order to ensure you the best possible skin care products & results. Try BRS Multi-Peptide &Collagen Elixir with Hyaluronic Acid.

Cleansing oils are a wonderful way to treat seasonal dry skin problems. Be aware though, that not all oils are created equal.  You want to make sure the Cleansing Oils being used are water soluble so they rinse completely clean.  The advantages to using an oil based cleanser during the cold winter months are obvious.  The right oil cleanser will not strip your skin in any way, will not dry or knock off the pH balance.  It will thoroughly cleanse and moisturize at the same time, while removing make-up quickly and efficiently.   
Try BRS Cleansing Oil.

Elixirs, by design, lack occlusive ingredients like waxes, fatty acids, and other emollients.  They are designed to use under other more emollient products to enhance or treat specific issues like hyper-pigmentation, pore size, wrinkles, sagging lose skin, and blemished skin types among others.  For seriously dehydrated skin a good Elixir can go a long way in turning that around. Elixirs have a lightweight texture without many additives to dilute them, they are a more potent and pure way to add active ingredients to your skin. Elixirs deliver high concentrations of active ingredients and should be an essential part of your daily skin care routine.  Try BRS Elixirs & Boosters.

The right night time moisture should have the ability to tackle multiple problems in a single jar. Used over the Elixirs the right night time moisturizer delivers 10 times more hydration than a moisturizer alone.  Try BRS Moisturizers.

Coming in November 2017 is the new Hydrogel Facial Masques designed to use at home between your visits for extra hydration.  Also coming in November 2017 is the new Instant Glow Facial Oil recommended to used along with your moisturizers for added hydration or use it alone.  May also be used to add glow to your skin after applying your make-up, also great on cuticles, elbows, knees, anywhere you have dry skin.  Will be available to order online soon. 

Tuesday, January 24, 2017

BRS Progressive Peel

Start your Progressive Peel now. Now is the time of year to do this treatment. Applied, at home, once a week for 8-12 weeks. This is a very gradual exfoliation, it will not interfere with your daily routine. These treatments are best to do during the winter months when it's easier to stay out of the sun. Resurface, lighten, clear breakouts, shrink pores, brighten!!! Pre-order necessary, product arrives within a week. Half the cost of an in office peel. HALF!   You can order online by CLICKING HERE

Here's how it's used:
Apply the BRS Progressive Peel 1x weekly for the time recommended by your skin care therapist.  Use Whitening Elixir every day and night along with your other BRS skin care products. Your skin care specialist may recommend you use the Progressive Peel 2 days in a row every other week.  This depends on our specific needs.

Instructions for pad usage:

Step 1:  After cleansing with appropriate BRS facial cleanser prep the skin with 90% Alcohol applied o a cotton pad.  Wipe cotton over face, do this twice and let face dry.

Step 2:  Wipe 1 pre-treated progressive peel pad onto the face (can be used on the neck and chest if desired.  Use a separate pad for these areas).  Keep product away from lash line, can be used under eyes.  Wipe with light even pressure.  Do not rub back and forth or pass over same area more than once.  A little overlapping is fine, don't worry.

Step 3:  Apply nothing else and leave on overnight.  In the morning resume your regular cleansing routine plus add the Whitening Elixir to your morning and night routine.  Use 1-2 pumps of the Whitening Elixir in the morning with your Vitamin-C Antioxidant Elixir and do the same at night with your Glycolic or Retinal Products.  You may pump the Whitening Elixir into the palm of your hand along with the Vitamin-C Antioxidant Elixir then apply all at once to your face, no need for 2 steps.  Same at night with your Glycolic or Retinol.  Use the Luminous White Skin Bleaching Cream every night.

Collagen Induction Therapy at BRS facial spa

A Collagen Induction treatment session takes about 30-60 minutes, depending on if you wish to treat the face or the neck & chest too.  As a non-surgical procedure, Collagen Induction isn't known for many side effects outside of some short term localized redness, which is easily camouflaged with makeup. You will notice an improvement in skin texture with the first treatment and even better results are achieved by a series of treatments over time.  A series of 4 to 8 treatments is recommended for most.

Collagen Induction is a skin-improvement procedure based on skin injury/repair technique. Collagen Induction causes a controlled damage to the skin with very tiny needles that create precise micro-injuries; essentially creating channels in your skin. This triggers the healing process, inducing the skin's self-repairing mechanism that creates collagen and elastin, both of which help improve skin texture, tone, pigmentation and lift.  The micro channels help special serums penetrate deeper into the skin, enhancing their benefits as well.

As we age the skin becomes thinner, blood circulation deteriorates, and the natural production of collagen and elastin starts to slow down, which will cause the skin to lose firmness and elasticity. This natural ageing process starts from the inside out, but external factors can  accelerate the aging process.  Environmental exposures, sun, smoking, alcohol consumption, stress, hormones, lifestyle etc. accelerate the process as well.  Short of medical procedures this is the most advanced clinical procedure available today!

Collagen Induction shifts the natural repair mechanism of the skin into high gear to restart producing collagen and elastin. The self-repairing property of the skin is a 100% natural form of skin renewal from the inside out.

Collagen Induction is the only skin improvement method that combines both aspects: natural skin improvement  with controlled micro-injury and externally applied active ingredients by means of special serums. A combined effect in the battle against skin aging is tackling not just the consequences, but the cause of skin ageing.

Collagen Induction creates a younger & fresher you in a 100% natural way.  The skin becomes firmer and regains its elasticity, fine lines and wrinkles are visibly reduced or completely eliminated , pores become finer, circulation is stimulated and the overall condition of the skin improves tremendously. 

Wednesday, October 26, 2016

New Lip Line Treatment

New Lip Line Treatment

Arnica is used in combination with antioxidants and peptides for an effective anti-aging lip treatment.  Arnica helps to soothe dry irritated lips while reducing irritation, while peptides, hexipeptide-3, and hyaluronic acid help to plump with intense moisture.

Directions:  Apply to clean lip area as often as you like, at least twice a day, morning and night.  Massage into the lips and area around the lips.  Product will absorb, no residue left behind, you may apply lipstick or gloss once absorbed.  This product does not work like barrier moisturizers do, it will completely absorb to address the issue at a cellular level.

Contains: Pomegranate Extract, Green Tea Leaf Extract, Orange Peel Extract, Passionflower Extract, Penepeptide-7, Hexipeptide-3 Carrot Root  Extract, Goji Extract, Acai Extract, Noni Extract,Calendula Extract, Tangerine Extract, Grapefruit Peel Extract, Bergamot Extract, Rosewood Extract, Natural Oils of Olive, Flaxseed & Grape.

New Arnica Night Moisture

New Arnica Night Moisture, BRS medium weight night time moisture.

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Lymphatic Drainage Facial Treatment Benefits

Lymphatic Drainage Facial Treatment Benefits

Lymphatic drainage facial treatment is great for under eye bags and dark circles.  Often time, especially as we age, our skin metabolism slows down creating puddles of fluid that present themselves as dark circles or puffy eyes.  This treatment is great during allergy season, after a cold or sinus congestion, or after a night out on the town where alcohol and salty foods may have been consumed.  It is especially beneficial to have during and after a nutritional cleanse to help rid your lymphatic system of toxins that are being released during the process.

A sluggish lymph system can be the cause of many skin related problems.  The skin is the largest elimination organ, approximately 1/3 of all body impurities are eliminated and released through the pores of the skin.  Our bodies are constantly being assaulted by toxic substances, from the foods we consume and even from the air we breathe.

The immune systems first line of defense is the skin.  Toxic build-up and sluggish lymph circulation limits the bodies ability to function properly.  A few examples of skin health related problems that can be attributed to improper lymphatic functions are:  

  • Bumps under the skin surface
  • Sensitive, allergic skin
  • Puffy eyes
  • Puffy cheeks
  • Acne
  • Dark under eye circles
  • Sallow dull complexion
One of the easiest ways to engage your lymph system is to use a very gentle oscillating facial brush morning and night.  Let the brush sit on the different areas of the skin you see in the above photo, taking at least 1-3 minutes to complete the face.  You will notice your skin instantly looking more vibrant once the stagnant fluid is removed through the lymph system.  Ask for the lymphatic treatment when you come if for your services, you'll love it!  

At BRS we sell the perfect oscillating facial brush to engage your lymphatic system. You want a brush that is very gently and one that spins.  The lymph is located just under the surface of the skin.  If you use too much pressure it will not work.  Brushes that are too harsh, or too heavy on the skin will not engage the lymph system.