Thursday, July 31, 2014

Body Bar Trial Size

1oz Trial or Travel Sizes of the Eucalyptus Body Wash is available to try. $2.99 each. Formulation of this product is still being tweaked, would love your feedback.
Eucalyptus, Lemon, Sea Salt, Tea Tree and Lavender are all combined to create an aroma therapy treatment for the entire body. Eucalyptus acts as a natural anti-bacterial giving you the cleanest clean possible. Feels cool and soothing on the skin. An energizing product for sure. Great way to start the day :-)  Can be purchased in-store only at this time.

Doing a little market testing on body products.  I am thinking about bringing back the body line.  Some, as you know, have never been off the shelf, but when we repackaged we had to pick and choose the most popular items to repackage.  It was a tough decision as all of the products were good sellers.  We have always planned on bringing them back, now that the move is completed and the repackaging all done it might be time to put my energy into a re-introduction to these products. 

The process I am considering, in regard to packaging, is much more simple than before.  In order to save you money we are thinking of supplying these products, the body washes and scrubs, in bulk that can then be dispensed into bottles and labeled right then and there for your use at home.  All ingredients and descriptions of the products will be on the bulk packaging on the shelf, in large pump-type sealed containers.  The product will dispense from the sterile bulk packaging into individual bottles of your choice.  Kind of like how they do it at Olive Oil Stores, where they supply the oil in large vats that are used to fill the smaller bottles.  Your thoughts would be greatly appreciated.