Wednesday, March 20, 2019

Diets, Diets & More Diets

Lectin Free, Paleo, Ketogenic Diets.
What is healthiest?

Personally, I follow the Ketogenic way of eating.  I consume low carbohydrates, healthy fats and some protein. Another popular diet is the Paleo diet which believes we should eat as our ancestors did.  I have a problem with that, because our ancestors did not live as long as we live now. They were not healthier people and let’s not forget that people evolve.  Our needs evolve. For example, many of the organs in our body necessary to our ancestors, are no longer necessary in modern times. We still have them, but they don’t do anything, we can remove them without harm. This is how we have evolved to adapt to our new environment.   So why would we want to eat as our ancestors did if we have evolved to be different now than we were then?

The newest diet craze is the Lectin Free Diet.  The thought is that lectins can lead to imbalances and inflammation that can lead to cancer and other health issues.  All of the articles I could find all preach the same thing, which is….

“Too many Lectins may have adverse effects on health.”  

Too many being the key.  Isn’t too much of anything a problem?  I think moderation is the thing to strive for, no matter what diet you follow.

The articles I have read state that Lectins attach to the carbohydrates and this is where the imbalance occurs.  So if a person, like myself, eats a very low carbohydrate diet then the Lectins should not matter because there’s very little carbohydrate to attach to.  According to the information I was able to find it is the binding of carbohydrates with lectins which form Glycoproteins. These Glycoproteins are thought to be the problem with diets high in lectins. But Glycoproteins are not all together bad, so I’m confused.

“Glycoproteins help to regulate the immune system, and keeps protein levels in the blood under control.  They are effective against several bacteria including the strain that causes Staph & E. Coli. Helps fight fungal and viral infections. Some posses anti-cancer properties.”  
Dr. Axe

The foods that contain Lectins are not bad foods, in my opinion.  To name a few..
Beans & Peas
Tomatoes & Some Nuts
Eggplant & Potatoes

According to Ayurveda, legumes are used to promote elimination and regularity, suppress appetite, and satisfy the stomach. It’s generally recommended to soak legumes prior to consumption to enhance their nutritional value and reduce anti-nutrient content.  
Dr. Axe

In traditional Chinese Medicine most beans are believed to have a neutral effect on the body’s balance. They’re also thought to decrease swelling and act as a natural diuretic to remove toxins and waste products from the body more efficiently. Other high-lectin foods, such as tomatoes, are considered cooling and are said to improve digestion and detoxification.  
Dr. Axe

Confused much?  The way I see it, we need to be mindful of how we nourish our body, but don’t be too excessive.  Again, moderation is the key to balance. Obviously some foods should be avoided all together, sugar for one.  But to eliminate the foods listed above seems a bit over the top, even for me, and I’m a strict Keto follower.

To wrap it up, if you are confused you are not alone.  Don’t obsess, use common sense and pay attention to how your body behaves.  In my case I needed WAY more healthy fats than I was consuming, and a lot less carbohydrates.  For me, this is my healthy body balance. For you? It could be very different. It took some trial and error to find which foods were beneficial for me and which were not.  Paying attention to how I was feeling was how I determined what works well for me and what does not.