Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Lymphatic Drainage Facial Treatment Benefits

Lymphatic Drainage Facial Treatment Benefits

Lymphatic drainage facial treatment is great for under eye bags and dark circles.  Often time, especially as we age, our skin metabolism slows down creating puddles of fluid that present themselves as dark circles or puffy eyes.  This treatment is great during allergy season, after a cold or sinus congestion, or after a night out on the town where alcohol and salty foods may have been consumed.  It is especially beneficial to have during and after a nutritional cleanse to help rid your lymphatic system of toxins that are being released during the process.

A sluggish lymph system can be the cause of many skin related problems.  The skin is the largest elimination organ, approximately 1/3 of all body impurities are eliminated and released through the pores of the skin.  Our bodies are constantly being assaulted by toxic substances, from the foods we consume and even from the air we breathe.

The immune systems first line of defense is the skin.  Toxic build-up and sluggish lymph circulation limits the bodies ability to function properly.  A few examples of skin health related problems that can be attributed to improper lymphatic functions are:  

  • Bumps under the skin surface
  • Sensitive, allergic skin
  • Puffy eyes
  • Puffy cheeks
  • Acne
  • Dark under eye circles
  • Sallow dull complexion
One of the easiest ways to engage your lymph system is to use a very gentle oscillating facial brush morning and night.  Let the brush sit on the different areas of the skin you see in the above photo, taking at least 1-3 minutes to complete the face.  You will notice your skin instantly looking more vibrant once the stagnant fluid is removed through the lymph system.  Ask for the lymphatic treatment when you come if for your services, you'll love it!  

At BRS we sell the perfect oscillating facial brush to engage your lymphatic system. You want a brush that is very gently and one that spins.  The lymph is located just under the surface of the skin.  If you use too much pressure it will not work.  Brushes that are too harsh, or too heavy on the skin will not engage the lymph system.

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